Release Notes

1.1 - Major Feature Update - 2012-03


  • Improved error reporting when path resolution or attaching content fails.
  • Added support for attaching binary content with documents including GZIP compression.
  • Fixed couple of minor bugs related to url fetching, caching and path resolution. Besides other improvements, "mvn site:run" is now fully supported including detection of changes in local files, templates or java sources.
  • Bundled extensions & templates:
    • Added a tabbed panel widget with printing support (disables itself when CSS media type is print).
    • Added a table layout template which simply turns sections into columns (and rows) layout.
    • ScriptInvoker (Create dynamic content via scripts using JSR-223)
  • Bundled 2 more brushes for code highlighting "clojure" and "velocity".

Beta - 2011-10

  • Removed the previous classpath limitation when loading extensions via the source-class parameter. As soon as the "initialize" goal was called, any dependency that is defined in the project dependencies is available to the loaded extension.
  • Deprecated goal "set-basedir" in favour of "initialize" which configures the macro with the settings of the currently built POM.
  • Improved charset handling (using project encoding and auto-detection for common charsets)
  • Added CI test.

Alpha 2 - 2011-10

  • Added JAXB (xml-class) support to XmlLoader
  • Added missing implementations to support attaching linkable resource from templates ($globals.attachContent(...)).

Alpha 1 - 2011-10

  • Updated & enhanced documentation
  • Advanced snippet selection: AOP-Like, XPath, grep-like, Regex, Token & Brace, Ids and Line-Range
  • Custom velocity tools to perform 'highlighting' and invoke 'source classes' within templates ($highlighter & $invoker).
  • Recursive macro execution (Supports macros in included apt & xdoc content).
  • Module path resolution syntax [artifactId]:/path/to/file.
  • Added and improved bundled extensions:
    • Improved: JavaSourceLoader (formerly known as: InterfaceScanner)
      • Support for javadoc doclet tags.
      • Navigation: derived classes, annotated classes, super classes, implemented classes
    • Added: XmlLoader (XSL / XPath support)
  • Initially bundled general purpose templates.

1.0.2 to 1.0.7 - Release on Maven Central - 2011-10

  • Changed groupId from "org.tinyjee" to "org.tinyjee.dim"
  • Added Java 5 support (was 6 before).
  • Released on Central repository. (no custom repository required anymore)

1.0.1 - Bugfix Release - 2011-09

  • Multi-module path resolution support through additional mojo.

1.0 - Initial Release - 2010-09

  • Content inclusion with highlighting and simple snippet selection.
  • Velocity templates
  • Inclusion of APT into XDOC and XDOC into APT using parsers to translate content.
  • Dynamic content creation with 'source-class' parameter.
  • Bundled extensions: Properties, Interface inspection.



  • Refactor file type detection to be extensible and returns mime types instead of brush names.
  • Make highlighting plugable and working on file mime types rather than brush names (the latter should still be supported).
  • Make code processing plugable to offer support for code beatification, code filtering (e.g. search & replace) and other operations.

Bundled templates

  • Add a box widget (with short & detailed view state and printing (css) support)
  • JAX-WS panel to document SOAP services.
  • JAX-RS panel to document REST services.
  • SVG library to draw class diagrams.
  • Add widgets that display pictures, screenshots, drawings, etc.
  • Small, reusable templates that visualize interfaces. (e.g. methods, constants, properties, etc.)

Bundled extensions

  • DirectoryLoader (loading whole directories, e.g. all java sources)
  • ImageRenderer (Scaling, dynamic image creation, etc)
  • SvgRenderer
  • GraphRenderer (GraphML, DOT, etc.)