"Doxia :: Include Macro" is licensed under the terms of the "Apache Software License, Version 2.0", which is similar to the build system itself.

Generated documentation does not fall under any additional licensing terms if neither syntax highlighting nor javascript enabled templates are used.
Otherwise documentation will include CSS or JS code that falls under the terms of the MIT license (see CSS / JavaScript Dependencies below).

Running the plugin during a build requires additional 3rd party dependencies with several different licenses that derive from the declared compile and runtime dependencies managed by Maven.

Maven Managed Dependencies:

Influence the build process but not the generated documentation: See Project Dependencies for details.

CSS / JavaScript Dependencies:

Influence the build process and generated documentation:

Bundled JavaScript Library License Build Documentation
SyntaxHighlighter 3.0.83 MIT Yes Yes*1
XRegexp 1.5 MIT Yes No
JQuery 1.7 MIT No Yes*2
JQuery JSON 2.3 MIT No Yes*2
jStorage MIT No Yes*2
  • *1: Even though no javascript code is placed inside generated documentation, any HTML code that is generated by syntax highlighter includes a CSS stylesheet that falls under the specified licensing terms. This can be avoided by replacing "shCore*.css" with an own stylesheet (e.g. using ANT in post-site).
  • *2: Some bundled javascript enabled templates make use of JQuery and additional MIT licensed libraries that are loaded and executed when browsing generated documentation. Templates that change documents in this way contain a disclaimer that explicitly highlights the behaviour.


Apart from what comes with the JDK already, the following projects are directly used to provide the primary functionality offered by this plugin:

ProjectWebsiteDescription & Usage
SyntaxHighlighter 3.x (color codes) code snippets of various languages.
Mozilla Rhino javascript code during builds.
QDox an AST from java sources. Used for Class/JavaDoc loading, UML graph building and AOP snippet selection.
jChardet charsets of binary content. Used when no charset is specified.
Jackson parser, used to provide XPath based snippet selection.
Batik to render or create SVG graphics.


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