Class InlineCssParameterTransformer

  extended by org.tinyjee.maven.dim.extensions.AbstractParameterTransformer
      extended by org.tinyjee.maven.dim.extensions.InlineCssParameterTransformer
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public class InlineCssParameterTransformer
extends AbstractParameterTransformer

This extension adds an inline CSS definition to the current page. Use this extension to define short-lived style classes or adjust existing styles for just one page.

Juergen_Kellerer, 2011-11-06

Field Summary
static String PARAM_INLINE_CSS
          Enables this extension and sets the content to place inside the inlined "<style>" element.
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Method Summary
protected  boolean doTransformParameters(Map<String,Object> requestParams)
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Field Detail


public static final String PARAM_INLINE_CSS
Enables this extension and sets the content to place inside the inlined "<style>" element.

Note: Setting this property has no effect in case of "source" or "source-class" were specified with the macro call. This behaviour ensures that the parameter "inline-css" can still be used with ordinary macro calls where a source or source-class was set.

Using this parameter has no effect when the used Sink does not support HTML markup.

This parameter supports the usage of "classpath:/path/to/css/to/inline" to load the css from the classpath instead of defining it with the macro call.

As the default brace style of "{}" is used to call macros in APT, the extension supports substituting the default CSS braces with "[]". This brace style is optional but it must be used when more than one style class is defined with the macro call as the APT parser swallows the "}" character, leading to invalid results.


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Constructor Detail


public InlineCssParameterTransformer()
Method Detail


protected boolean doTransformParameters(Map<String,Object> requestParams)
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doTransformParameters in class AbstractParameterTransformer